MTB Skills Coaching

Candice’s passion is specifically focused on getting more women on bikes. Women may be in the minority but there’s a growing community of like-minded women who are taking to the sport. This service is aimed at women who want to learn the basics in skills and bike setup.

The sessions will meet you where you are at in skill level and be designed around you to ensure you progress confidently.

We will work to establish the fundamentals that every biker needs to know including balance and body position, gear selection, controlled braking, cornering, climbing, descending, and more. Introductory sessions can cover everything from bike setup to berm riding. We will focus on getting fundamental skills into auto pilot mode to boost confidence, build skills, and focus on the basics.

1-3 Hour Sessions are available at $40/hour. Group or partner rates available.

Sessions are held in Bentonville at Slaughter Pen Trail system.

Skills lead to flow and finding flow is therapy.


Candice has been on a bike for over 10 years but truly found her flow after relocating to Northwest Arkansas in 2016. In this mecca of MTB she has found her flow, her community, and her joy through bikes.

She is BICP Level 1 Certified. Having stood on multiple podiums in both enduro and cross country racing disciplines, she is excited to help other women find the empowerment and self confidence that mountain biking can bring.

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