Where do we meet? Sessions are conducted at multiple parks and trail systems in Northwest Arkansas. After you have contacted us for an appointment we can discuss what location would be best for you.

How is Walk Talk Therapy different from standard therapy? The primary difference is that the session is conducted outside while walking, rather than inside while sitting. Other than the need for comfortable shoes, nothing else changes in the therapeutic environment.

What about bad weather? You will be given the choice to continue or reschedule if the weather is bad. If you choose to continue on a “bad weather” day, the therapist is most always able to accommodate and be prepared for the weather. You might find that even when we don’t like nature, it can still benefit our clarity of thought.

How long are the sessions? Session time is 50 minutes and it is the therapists’ duty to be mindful of time and ensure we are back at a comfortable location to end the session. Longer sessions can be discussed after initial meeting.

How do I schedule an appointment? Please email or call  to schedule an appointment.

What is the fee? Fee for services is $55 for a 50 minute session and must be paid prior to starting session.

Do you accept insurance? Insurance is not accepted at this time but we encourage you to check with your insurance carrier to determine if our services would be covered under Out of Network Benefits. Your counseling session also may be eligible for reimbursement through a medical spending or HSA account.

What about my confidentiality? If you are uncomfortable discussing your struggles and concerns in an open environment, Walk Talk therapy may not be right for you. However, it is the therapists’ duty to be mindful of other persons and find paths or trails that have few people. If you see someone you know, it is encouraged to casually say hello and keep moving. This allows people to see you are in a deep conversation and unable to stop and talk. If approached by someone during our session, your therapist will never acknowledge the therapist/client relationship to that outside person. The client will always have the power in such a situation. It is also encouraged to pick a trail that may be away from your own community if this is a major concern for you.

I am out of shape, can I really do the walking? Walk Talk therapy can be done with clients of all fitness levels. You will set the pace according to your comfort level. The focus will be on the therapy process, not on walking until exhaustion or getting in a workout. The pace sought will encourage you in moving forward toward a healthier version of yourself; mind, body, and spirit.

Can you give me a diet or exercise plan? Your therapist is unable to assist you with any diet or exercise plan. Your therapist will work to support and encourage you as well as explore your behaviors and patterns. They may also help to connect you with appropriate resources and trained professionals in these areas.

Do you get tired walking all day? Your therapist is both mentally and physically prepared to provide walking therapy services.

My physical ability is impaired or disabled, can you work with me? There are many accomodations that can be made for physical disabilities. Contact us to discuss such needs.

What if I don’t like it? At this time Trail Therapy, LLC is only conducting walking sessions. If it turns out not to be for you, please talk to your therapist about it in order to address your concerns and possibly connect you with a therapist that would better suit your needs.

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