Candice primarily uses Reality or Choice theory in her counseling style. Reality therapy places an importance on human relationships and taking responsibility for choices made. This works to hold the client accountable and aid in taking action. Through a collaborative relationship, she will work with you to find needed areas of empowerment in a nonjudgmental way. Walking with you as struggles are explored, she will work to not only find ideas but help practice them outside of the walking sessions. This won’t just be talking about how to achieve goals, but giving the tools to ACHIEVE them.

We stay in the “here and now” in Walk Talk therapy. Though the past can be explored and considered, our focus will be on what is directly affecting your life now. You will direct each session with what concerns you bring into it.

Walk Talk therapy can help with managing worries, improving attention, learning how to communicate within relationships about difficult topics or overall, and to learn self care methods. Mindfulness techniques can help you stay in the present to manage problem solving and find solutions for situations you want to change.

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