Walk Talk Therapy

Walk Talk Therapy is just that…walking and talking. Rather than sitting in an office face to face, the client walks with the therapist outside around a paved path or on a natural trail. This allows freedom in counseling and provides a way to physically move forward as the client explores their mental an emotional struggles.

“The woods, the trees and the rocks give man the resonance he needs.”

– Beethoven

The unpredictable natural environment creates a shared experience between the therapist and client that can be used in the process of change. This type of therapy takes use of the concept that place matters and that an open air environment can clarify thought and promote personal change.

Walk Talk Therapy is a good way to jumpstart a fitness routine or an overall more active lifestyle. It can foster mindfulness and awareness of your physical body. We know through research that exercise and simply being in nature promotes mental and emotional health. Walk Talk Therapy gets clients moving both mentally and physically. With it occurring outside amongst natural elements, it promotes a meditative state and is often found to be more grounding than indoor therapy. The client controls the pace of the session. If a mindful or meditative pace is desired over a more active or fast paced session, the therapist will follow your lead. It is a prime choice for clients with many different kinds of concerns including major life transitions, anxiety, depression, or those that are experiencing some type of loss or grief.

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